Friday, May 20th

8 A.M. meet at school cafeteria for attendance and breakfast (juice and donuts)
Depart (be at site between 8:30-9)
Make your own plans for lunch!

-5 Hours of service
-You are allowed to drive yourself to the project


Bay Square 10

-Working with the residents
-Planting flower pots
-Map project
-Come if you can play music to the residents!
Ben McNaboe
Kate Dilworth
Katie O'Donnell
Chloe Sarapas
Devin Simsarian
Chloe Brant
Mariah Lanfer
Samantha Fochler
Hannah Waxman
Dustin Pazar

Helping Out Shut Ins 15
3 groups of 5 students will go around to 4-5 homes (mainly senior citizens who still remain independent) and help out around the house.
Tasks may include: light cooking, yard work, helping pack and move boxes, and socializing with the resident(s).
This job may require light to heavy lifting. (moving boxes)
About an hour will be spent at each house.

Hillary Brintle
Alicia Piccirillo
Christina Allen
Lindsey Dubois
Annie Blake-Howland
Catie Morton
Nate Briggs
Read Thurston
Rachel Darnell
Mitchell Beaulieu
Chris Lawlor

Abbie Hutch

Corina Bell

Brentwood Rehab Center 5

We thought we would set up a potluck and BBQ for the residents and staff to enjoy outside during lunch and then do a variety of artsy projects in the afternoon.
We thought ideally it would be great if each student could man a craft table and residnets can move around as they want to the different crafts:

· We thought we’d throw “paintablls” at a “canvas” and create our own jackson polluck work of art
· Fish prints? Paint leaves and fish and then copying them on bags and shirts – or simply just doing stenciled shirts
· Garden Signs
· Planting? Depending on how our platers boxes are coming we can start to plant our vegetables

We need to stain our fence out by the skilled patio

Emily Santillo
Jessie Doughty
Cassidy Cleaves
Stephanie Moulton
Olivia Harrison

Yarmouth Community Services 30

-Grounds work at high school (10 Students)
Jack Gilman
Sarabeth Gabrielson
Neil Cochran
Sean Clarke
Abby Charbonneau
Chelsea Britten
Jason Brackett

-This year all of the (k-1) Rowe School students will help to plant our first park orchard.We will be planting 22 apple trees at the Spear Farm Estuary Preserve, located near the end of Bayview Street.The first group will be working apoproximately 9:30 to 11 am and then the second group from 1 - 2:30 pm.
Abby Smith
Sam Kapner
Benji Jones
Nate Stein
Alex Hensley
Andrew Dimarco
Katie Wharff
Jon Drouin
Andy Beckman
Kyler Morton
Natalie Sanford
Emma Turreff
Rachel White
Tommy O'Toole
McKenzie Mather
Ethan O'Connell
Jake Libby

White Birch Farm (North Road) 4

8am arrive at White Birch Farm, work for 2 hours (4 volunteers max)Bottle drive or CLYNK all classrooms at high school and take to Hannaford for Global Action Club. Wash-out CLYNK bins.
Olivia Richmond
Emily Mitchell

Bradbury State Park 20

Raking, lawn cleanup, staining picnic tables (or both!).
Please be sure to tell your students that closed-toe shoes are most appropriate, and flip-flops or sandals will not work.
Please bring work gloves and insect repellant and wear clothes you do not mind getting dirty or damaged.
Ali Totta
Sam Coleman
Campbell Belisle Haley
Rebecca Bell
Michelle Clark
Smythe Eddy
Ben Johnson
Joe King
Luke Pierce
Connor Ertz
Davis Brown
Aidan Sullivan
Nick Proscia
Kyle Groves
Matt Murphy
Matt Guiney
Kyle Brunelle
Zach Sentementes
Cotter Jackson
Danielle Torres
Billy Clabby
Ben Nickerson

Soup Kitchen-Preble Street 10

Whether we'll be volunteering in the soup kitchen itself or the warehouse where all the food is stored is still up in the air but she said that there will definitely be something for us to do there.
Jack Watterson
Ben Woodbury
Dan Connor
Lindsey Purpura
Lauren Wrobleski
Laura Klepinger
Emily Clark
Mary Sansone
Dustin McCrossin
Spencer Soucy
Liz Bergesch
Mike McCormack
Mike Hanley

Help out at the White's 5

Shane Ryan, Jeffery Stuart, Asa Arden, Pat Vigue, and Ryan Perrier
Shane Ryan
Jeffery Stuart
Asa Arden
Pat Vigue
Ryan Perrier
Nate Pingitore
Rachel White

Yarmouth School Garden

Preparing the garden for the growing season, organizing the garden shed, working with the third graders in the butterfly garden
Natalie Salmon
Stefanie Hall
Anne Ryan
Adrian Copeland
Julie Dursema
Jack Walsh
Lucy Ericson
Molly Dugas
Ashley Eaton
Natalie Pelletier

Landscaping for Elderly

Andy Dugas

Alex Stevens

Spurwink Farm

Sam G

Eric D

Hearts n Horses

Lexi Pelletier